"La Buca di Iovine Carmine"

La Buca, Pisa

The restaurant La Buca was taken over in 1979 by Carmine Iovine, which previously was working as an employee and are now more than thirty years that he, with his brother and his family are concerned to meet the diverse needs of each customer .

In the restaurant La Buca, "everything has been carefully designed to accommodate as best as possible to their customers, there are three large and bright halls which can accommodate from 70-75 people, a beautiful kitchen, where you can freely observe the staff of the hole while you prepare the dishes, you will have the pleasure of tasting.

At the entrance to the restaurant to welcome a large bar counter where you can enjoy a pleasant coffee, a drink or pick a nice snifter of the wide choice that offers the Buca restaurant.

The different menus that you can choose the restaurant La Buca will offer you a wide choice of fish dishes, meat and vegetables in season, that only the wisdom and experience of the chef Carmine Iovine know how to make truly unique and unforgettable.

Chef Carmine Iovine began to examine with great care and accuracy have the raw material with which prepares his dishes, he in his thirty years of business has established stable supply relationships only with those who have shown themselves over time and more reliable that the commitment to preserve and provide him only the treasures of Tuscany.

Only at Buca is ensured that each product is fresh, genuine and whose quality is certified, even attestasti quality and provenance Carmine Iovine requires and expects from its suppliers.

The restaurant in Pisa La Buca, you can taste every dish on the season, fragrant truffles from the land of Tuscany, the fancy specialty mushrooms in the Garfagnana, the best meat Chianina, Mucco found to Pisa, and for those who love seafood will enjoy choice of fresh lobster, lobster of wonderful, favolli and other specialties of fresh fish, which can be tasted, for the passionate, even raw.

The restaurant La Buca, you can also rely on the experience and expertise of the staff room, a team of highly qualified people, always happy to make your lunch or dinner an enjoyable and memorable experience.

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"La Buca" by Carmine Jovine - Restaurant Pisa - Via Massimo D'Azeglio 6. Tel 050-24130 Fax 050-20041 (closed Sundays) info@labucapisa.it

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