"La Buca di Iovine Carmine"

Restaurant "La Buca", Pisa

In the beautiful atmosphere of the restaurant La Buca, you can spend unforgettable moments of pleasure, tasting traditional flavors of traditional Tuscan cuisine, with fresh local produce, ideal for those who think that eating is a pleasure and not just a need.

The restaurant La Buca in Pisa, is a fine restaurant and high-quality, offers its guests delicious dishes of meat and fish, using traditional Tuscan recipes, thanks to three decades of experience of the chef Carmine Iovine and his entire staff.

Carmine Iovine is one of the most renowned chefs of Pisa, is Vice President of 'Association Pisani cooks, he is considered a landmark in the field, in the most important culinary events, including at international level, the region will be held to know and appreciate Tuscan cuisine.

In the Buca restaurant in Pisa you can taste the real Chianina beef, a pile of Pisa and fresh seafood, all dishes of Tuscan tradition, accompanied by over two hundred labels of vintage wines Tuscany, Pisa, Chianti and National-stocked wine cellar.

The restaurant La Buca in Pisa, is based in Via Massimo D'Azeglio 6, at 100 mt from the new parking of Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II


Red, White, Rosè ...

Lista Vini del ristorante

You can conveniently view, the site of the restaurant in Pisa, La Buca, the prestigious wine list, including the best Italian wines, especially those from Tuscany and the wines Pisani.

Meat, Fish, Vegetarian...

Menù del ristorante La Buca

The site of the Buca restaurant in Pisa, offers the opportunity to view the menu and compilareun booking form, in Pisa to taste delicious dishes of meat and fish.

"La Buca" by Carmine Jovine - Restaurant Pisa - Via Massimo D'Azeglio 6. Tel 050-24130 Fax 050-20041 (closed Sundays) info@labucapisa.it

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